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Are you a reseller or distributor of telecommunications products looking for an IT wholesaler who can meet your requirements? Relax, you found it! TEKPOINT has everything you need!

Whether overstock or undersupply issues, the need to source hardware at reasonable prices or just on the look for a reliable European partner, it`s all one click away!


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As an IT wholesaler TEKPOINT understands the significant role of smart phones, cell phones, tablets, components and pc or mobile spare part in the telecommunications industry. These products are a turnover and innovation driver, that brings the most value add to the customer and keeps all sales channels busy. TEKPOINT mission is therefore to make sure that these important products are always available at the right time, the right place and of course at the best price.

Our goal is to provide our customers, which comprises IT and telecom retailers, mobile phone wholesalers, resellers, mobile network operators (MNOs, MVNOs), e-tailers, retailers and business customers, with mobile phones, smartphones, IT-products, components, pc or mobile spare parts as well as accessories.

Are you a mobile phone wholesaler who would like to order larger amounts? Just ask us! Our experienced staff will be happy to offer you special prices for larger quantities.