Distribution of telecommunication products is our core competence

TEKPOINT GmbH is a telecommunications distributor with a dedicated focus on cell phones, smartphones, tablets, components and computer parts.

Since 2009, TEKPOINT GmbH successfully distributes about 1.2 million devices annually.

Our broad, wide-ranging international network enables us to meet our customers needs, at the right time and at the best price, always!

Headquartered in Vienna, we enjoy all advantages of the highly developed Austrian infrastructure in the heart of the European Union. We cooperate with all major international parcel services such as DHL, TNT or UPS in order to guaranty the fastest and the most convenient deliveries to every destination worldwide.

A team of over 30 highly experienced professionals is at your service from 8 am to 6 pm, daily (except weekends and holidays).

Our partners benefit from years of experience, one of the broadest networks in the telecommunications industry as well as in depth knowledge of dedicated sales channels and their needs.

Spot on target prices, maximum handling proficiency, renown handshake quality, and a solution-oriented approach is all part of TEKPOINT´s worry-free package. We value and maintain our long-term relationships, based on mutual support, openness and trust. Whatever your plans, needs or challenges may be, we will find the solution!


Tekpoint GmbH – the telecommunications distributor of choice!